In Which We Attend ROFLCon And Sit In On The 'Life After the Meme' Panel

ROFLCon, in case you hadn’t guessed, is a huge conference populated by nerds talking about Internet memes. As I’m writing this, Tron Guy is right behind me. In the lobby, Scumbag Steve walked through and was high-fived by six different people, all of whom were obviously strangers. But what about the guys who aren’t famous anymore, except to nerds? Apparently, they grew up and got jobs.

I sat in on a panel with Leeroy Jenkins, Daft Hands, the One Red Paperclip blogger, and Chuck Testa — and unlike most former celebrities gathered in one place, it was not hugely depressing. Well, except for the people threatening to kneecap Chuck Testa and put his head on a spike.

Here, have some transcript under the jump.

Moderator Christian Lander (“Stuff White People Like”): Tell us a little about how your fame began?

Daft Hands: I guess Daft Hands was just a thing I put on the Internet. I was really procrastinating on my History final. A C minus equals Internet success. Then Digg, I guess that was a thing, and then I don’t know, I was on Ellen and was in a video with Weezer.

Chuck Testa: I was in a reality show called “Commerical Kings”. The idea was to make a commerical that would never be on TV. The TV episode aired in July of last year, and it never went anywhere. My kid put it on the Internet. And all of a sudden, a month later, all this chaos just starts. The phone starting ringing and rang for seven months straight.

Mod: What’s an average phone call?

CT: They either call and just hang up, sometimes they laugh. If they get really weird I’ll answer it and they’ll go UT! The best reply I got was sorry, wrong number. Questions like “Could you stuff my grandma?” Then there are the gross ones.

Mod: Has business gone up?

CT: I won’t know until this season, it’s kind of a seasonal business. Then there’s all this stuff I can do that I couldn’t do a year ago. They shot it a year ago today.