Longtime Trump Advisor Roger Stone Melts Down After The News Of Mueller’s Russia Indictment

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Friday evening, news broke that a grand jury had approved the first charges to be filed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s five-month-long investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign. The indictments were sealed, however, so the report was unable to determine who precisely was being charged, and with what. Nonetheless, sources told CNN and other outlets that arrests could be made as early as Monday, and the internet couldn’t contain itself. This was especially true of Roger Stone, the former Trump campaign advisor and frequent Infowars guest.

After a day of tweeting about the recently unsealed John F. Kennedy assassination papers, Stone immediately turned his attention to the Mueller indictment news. “Breaking: Mueller indicts @PaulManafort’s driver for double parking,” he quipped in the first of many tweets. Others included jovial claims that a “Deep State stooge is indicting Manafort’s driver for double parking,” and his “maid for tearing labels of sofa cushions.”

At first, Stone focused his ire on the report itself and one Twitter troll whose “Gramps” insult he found particularly triggering. As CNN’s live coverage of the Mueller indictments continued throughout the night, however, the former Trump advisor turned his attention to anchors Jake Tapper and Don Lemon, whose Twitter feeds and television programs were wall-to-wall coverage of the story.

Stone even went so far as to reference AT&T’s forthcoming merger with Time Warner, which many — including President Trump himself — could be used to punish CNN for its “unfair” coverage of the White House.

His apparent anger notwithstanding, Stone’s demeanor on social media offered plenty of material for his detractors.