ROLL TIDE: An Alabama Woman Named Her Newborn Son 'Krimson Tyde'

An Alabama woman has found herself at the center of an Internet fire storm after media outlets reported that she recently gave birth to a third son and named him Krimson Tyde to honor her favorite college football team. According to, Summer Steele is hardly the first parent in Alabama to name her child after the Crimson Tide or Auburn Tigers this year, but because the Internet is full of us cynical knuckleheads, people are obviously having a field day over such a unique name and tribute.

But before you feel bad for little Krimson Tyde, just remember that there might also be a child out there named Alabama Birmingham.

“The reason we named him Krimson is that we are big Alabama fans and it is a very unique name and we loved it,” Summer Steele told Alabama Media Group on Sunday.

She’s surprised at the media attention as well as some of the vitriol she’s received for naming her baby after the team they love.

“I’m very shocked, I didn’t think people would make a very big deal about it,” said Steele.

“To people speaking negatively about us naming him Krimson, it’s not their child nor family member so if they have nothing nice to say they don’t need to say nothing at all,” Steele said. (Via

She’s absolutely right, of course, because it’s her son and she can name him whatever she wants, no matter how much he’ll be made fun of by the Internet. But I’m all about being a positive, happier Burnsy in 2014, so I will say that this name guarantees that whatever this kid decides to be when he grows up – a football player, CPA, florist, T-shirt maker on Etsy – he’s going to have a built-in clientele in Tuscaloosa.

Or he could just open a strip club. Either way, this kid’s gonna make a ton of cash when he’s older.

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