The RompHim Is Real Fashion That Actually Exists And Not A Clickhole Fever Dream

Let’s be honest. Men’s fashion in America is a nuclear wasteland. While dudes in South Korea have a bevy of styles to choose from that is on par with women’s fashion, our men must make due with fifteen shades of khaki pants and a either a polo shirt or a graphic tee. If you have a fashionable man in your life, ask him about it sometime. Dollars to donuts you’ll get a rant about the difficulty of finding anything outside of the Internet that isn’t Sad Dad™ or Skater Child™ chic.

So we understand there’s a huge gap in the market just waiting to be filled by a company or two that realizes 21st century dudes would gladly replace their wardrobes every season if they only could. But surely, this is not the answer. Introducing the RompHim, a romper for dudes who want to wear a onesie but whose masculinity is so fragile they can’t bear to use the word “romper.”

Do not be fooled by the over-the-top Orwellian video. This is not a satire or parody. In fact, the RompHim has been on Kickstarter for a single day and — at the time of this writing — is closing in on full funding. For only $90USD (lol wut), men can now experience the breezy comfort of a romper and the annoyance of having to get completely undressed to pee. Ha ha, just kidding! Unlike rompers for women, the RompHim comes fully equipped with a zipper to keep bodily functions from interfering with fashion. They also get full-sized pockets and adjustable waistbands that aren’t tiny strings that will be eaten by the dryer the first time they wash it. Excuse me, but why have women been living with subpar rompers for decades, if these problems could be so easily solved? Damn you, sexism!