Ron Paul’s Bitchy Tweet And Marcus Bachmann’s Doggy Sunglasses Shopping Spree Steal The Iowa Sh*tshow

In case you didn’t stay up late last night to catch the results, genetically engineered Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also known as the Mittbot 9000, won the Iowa caucuses by 8 votes — 8 VOTES! — over staunch birth control and sodomy opponent Rick Santorum, with crusty libertarian Ron Paul coming in a close third.

But all of this — the actual election results — was overshadowed by other, more hilarious things, namely Ron Paul’s taunting of Jon Huntsman on Twitter, and Michele Bachmann mentioning in her concession speech that her probably gay husband Marcus had spent the previous day shopping for doggy sunglasses while she was out campaigning.

Here’s the Paul tweet in question, which was posted, deleted, and then posted again late last night…

And here is the utterly-clueless-that-she’s-a-beard Bachmann braying about her husband’s doggy sunglasses shopping. The look on his face when she mentions it is absolutely priceless.

Can we all just agree now that Marcus Bachmann is gayer than the cast of Cats sipping mimosas at a brunch on Fire Island?

(Video via Mattchew03)