Ron Swanson Has An IMDb Page

Just a few short days after the rise of Duke Silver our friends at Buzzfeed have tipped us off to the internet’s favorite mustached anti-hero having his own IMDb page with writing credits for a handful of Chuck Norris mid-nineties classics, such as Walker, Texas Ranger, Overkill, and Top Dog. I — of course — have so many questions.

Is someone at IMDb just a huge Parks/Swanson fan? Is this an easter egg for further revelations about Ron’s past extracurricular activities on the show? Is it more than coincidence that Swanson’s activity ends in 1996 and Nick Offerman’s begins in 1997? Was “Navarro’s Associate” as challenging a role as I’ve led myself to believe? Did Chuck Norris will this into existence?

Answers: we need them. Full screengrab of the page after the jump. You know, in case for some reason Amazon pulls a Wikipedia.

IMDb via Buzzfeed