‘What Would Marge Gunderson Do:’ Here’s Your Roundup of College GameDay Signs From Fargo

For the second time in a year, ESPN’s College GameDay visited Fargo, North Dakota, home of FCS powerhouse North Dakota State. The team has won 25 games in a row, including 5 against FBS schools. They opened the season with a victory at Iowa State, 31-14. Their fanbase is as passionate as any in college football.

Here’s a roundup of some of today’s best GameDay signs with a bonus appearance from Fargo star Marge Gunderson.

Obviously not a reference to that other Coach K

Dan Snyder, your thoughts?

Congratulations, you’re the first person to use the Lameis Winston line

There’s no need for that foul language

Yeah, stop taking my money you made-up acronym


In the arms of a cardinal

It’s so unusual to see Carlton at GameDay

This is about as low as it gets for the B1G

Herbie’s such a weiner