Roundup Of Dark Knight Rises Parodies And Pictures

Dude, word of advice:  never point that at the hotel sheets.  You don’t even wanna know.

Three different parodies of The Dark Knight Rises landed on our desk this weekend, so we picked them up off our kitten calendar desk blotter and put them together in this post with some high-res still photos from the shoot. Yes, we all share the same desk. It’s cozy.

The first video below is a sweded version of the second TDKR trailer. Kudos to Dumb Drum for making it, and for greatly improving the “Mátalo, mátalo! Bane, Bane!” chant. The second video (from MovieClips) is the “trailer cats” remake of the official trailer. The third video (uploaded by MrJonMoisan) shows what happens when Batman and Bane try to have an intelligible conversation with dubious subtitles. Still makes more sense than my relatives’ drunken ramblings after Festivus dinner this weekend.

[Sources: CBM (1, 2), BleedingCool (1, 2). Thanks to Erica and Bryan for the tips.]

BleedingCool points out that it looks like Bane is wearing a carpal tunnel brace. Although, to me, it looks more like a cock-up wrist splint, but only because I really, really wanted to type “cock-up wrist splint” here. And now I have. Twice. Also, a cock-up wrist splint and a carpal tunnel brace are the same thing, so saying it ” looks more like a cock-up wrist splint” makes no sense, but it lets me type “cock-up wrist splint”. Five times.

“All these passed-out men are making my Dark Knight rise, ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’.”