So, Anxiety-Stricken Royce White Couldn’t Make It With The Sixers

I like to think that I have a solid mental grasp on this whole NBA thing. But we all make mistakes, and with Royce White getting cut by the Sixers, I have to face some demons. Per an optimistic AJ one year ago:

“His anxiety disorder is well-documented; one has to wonder if he would have been a top-10 pick without it. There’s little that the power forward out of Iowa State can’t do, but what stands out is his passing ability: White led his Cyclones team in assists, and is drawing comparisons to an in-shape Boris Diaw for his diverse skill set.”

So, yeah. Feel free to mock. If White couldn’t eke out some PT on the worst team in basketball, that can’t be a good sign.

*hopes that nobody brings up Fab Melo*