Watch This Teenager Smash The World Rubik’s Cube Record In Less Than Six Seconds

Since the Rubik’s Cube’s invention in 1974, this deceptively complex toy has frustrated generations of young and old people alike. Decades later, the arrival of YouTube caused sh*t to get real for Rubik’s Cube aficionados. People proudly showed off how to juggle the cube (sometimes with balls) during the solving process. An underwater cube challenge? No problem. Getting fancy with a cube can help one get out of a speeding ticket, but the world’s largest cube can take several hours to solve, even for the most accomplished puzzlers.

At last weekend’s Rubik’s Cube World Championship in San Paulo, Brazil, the record for a 3x3x3 cube fell by the wayside. Feliks Zemdegs calmly destroyed his competitors by solving the puzzle in 5.69 seconds. This breaks the previous world record, although Zemdeg admitted apprehension: “Because I won last time, I was sort of less nervous this time because I had already won one so that sort of helped a bit, but yeah it was obviously really cool.” Bragging rights for life.

(via Daily Dot)