This Rude Waitress Tells Off Her Customers And They Love Every Second Of It

There’s a certain type of theme restaurant where the waiters don’t sing or pretend they’re in a horror movie; instead, they insult the customers during their entire meal, making a trip out to eat about as funny as a Comedy Central roast (take that as you will). One waitress, however, is making headlines now that she’s been caught telling off a large table of customers on video. And the customers? They love it!

Time reports that the waitress, possibly named “Cherry” if her name tag is to be believed, would likely get fired from the restaurant, Ed Debevic’s, if she were nice to customers who tried to place an order. And if she let an opportunity to harass an adult trying to order off the children’s menu pass her by, she’d also probably never forgive herself. “You’re like 35, and you’re ordering off the kids’ menu?” she asks a patron while rolling her eyes.

Since the video was posted online it’s received over 2 million views and “Cherry’s” section is probably in very high demand. Hope she got a promotion for all that she’s done for the place. And also for having to read about herself on the internet.

(Via Time)