People Were Captivated By The NYPD’s Corralling Of A Cow On The Loose In Brooklyn

10.17.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

In the ancient internet times of 2015, a pair of llamas got loose and ran wild in Arizona, leaving the Internet charmed. Ever since, the Internet has been chasing the high from that moment and nearly reached it on Tuesday.

In New York City somehow, a cow — certainly not the first animal one thinks of when considering The Big Apple — escaped its handlers and ran wild and free, mooing “I’m walking here” to passersby as it was chased by police and made its way into Prospect Park where it was ultimately captured. Luckily for all, a local ABC livestream entertained many thousands of viewers across the country as the adventure continued. Eyewitnesses did the same.

Naturally, there were plenty of quality jokes and memes about the cow supplied by Twitter users, ranging from riffs on personal essays and crowdfunding to (since it’s the Internet) The Simpsons.

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