Russell Brand’s Revolution Is Chugging Along As He Calls For ‘Bukkake’ On The Faces Of Corporations

I’m well aware you looked at the length of that video and went “nope” in your best Lana Kane voice. And that’s understandable. But what this video shows is that Russell Brand’s revolution is still in motion and he is still calling for the world to take charge.

Now there are a lot of the same sentiments we’ve heard before from Brand all over this video: stop voting, rise up, and revolt against your corporate masters. This is nothing new, but it is an easy mantra to remember.

And while I agree with the sentiment for the most part, it takes a lot more than talking to really get the message out there and light a fire under the loins of the people. We’re pretty content with our lives sucking the teet of entertainment and turning a blind eye to most things. That is we were until you mentioned ravenous sex acts. From Gawker:

The time for being polite is over, Brand told the students.

“There needs to be a defiant stance taken against corporations that, for their own ends, are desecrating our planet,” he said. “Now the system in place, the little valves, neat little ejaculations of like apparent power, a little vote — I’m not interested in that. I want f*cking bukkake in their faces.”

You’ve awoken a sleeping giant, Mr. Brand. I am not sure you know exactly what you’ve stirred up by mentioning such things, but there are plenty of folks out there who would line up at the opportunity to bukkake over anything.

Rousing up such a group to take down the corporations might help you rally an army, but I’m not sure I’m ready for whatever world you leave behind for the rest of us. I mean sh*t, it’s bad enough having to walk around grabbing door knobs with tissues. I choose not to live in the city for a reason. This very reason.

Still, a little revolution could be fine for a few days or months or years. Breaking Bad is over and I can just record the other stuff that’s going on. Right?

(Via Gawker / The Cambridge Union Society / Mediaite)