Russian Bears Getting Crunk On Jet Fuel Are Our Anti-Drug

When bears aren’t busy taking dumps in the woods with the pope [citation needed] and being totally rad, they’re looking for new ways to get high as hell. At the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Russia, some of the largest brown bears in the world are coming out of hibernation and getting their swerve on.

These brown bears seek barrels which used to hold a mix of kerosene and gasoline used for powering the helicopters and generators in this very remote region in Far East Russia. They’re searching for remaining drops of the fuel in barrels or on the ground, precious drops which they’ll huff until they’re well snookered. Some of them will then dig a small hole to lay in (see above). I know that feel, bro.

We have more photos of the bears below. These pictures were taken by Igor Shpilenok during his grueling, seven-month-long photography project of which we’re only paying attention to the four pictures of bears getting high. Priorities.

Hey, how’d that last one get in there?

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