A Russian Corpse Came Back To Life And Poured Vodka With His Comrades


This tale sounds like a subplot of a bizarre comedy, yet it’s an altogether remarkable story. A Russian reveler reportedly enjoyed a bit too much drink, fell down, and passed out to the stage where he was presumed dead. His breathing must have slowed down to an undetectable level, and surely, his heartbeat ended as well. However, the man jerked back to life inside a freezer. What happened next was the worst nightmare of any morgue employee.

Of course, this sounds unbelievable already, but people do occasionally wake up in morgues, and we haven’t even gotten to the best part. First, Mashable’s Christopher Miller loosely translated the Russian report on Twitter:

Miller also dug deeper into the story, which originated at the Khasanskiye Vesti newspaper. A Detective Alexey Stoev reportedly revealed (in fine detail) how the Russian zombie-man came back from the dead:

“That night, the local morgue was filled to capacity. The bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer, where our dead hero lay. At some point, the man woke up and did not understand where he was. It was very dark and cold. Plus his brain was fogged by the alcohol. In the darkness, he felt the cold extremities of someone and in fear rushed to the door. But it was locked. Then the man began banging on the door with all his might.”

“Hero.” This detective sounds like he’d rather be writing comics for Vertigo, but let’s keep going. The poor employee called police when she heard the terrified knocking from within the freezer. The officers thought she was either joking or crazy, but they showed up and discovered the man completely alive.

The dude spoke with police, who had no choice but to let him return to business as usual. So, the man set off to find his drinking buddies at his unofficial wake. All were shocked to see their comrade. Yet there’s no better reason to celebrate than coming back from the dead, so the man poured himself some vodka and got drunk again.

(Via Mashable)