Russian Laser Tank? Russian Laser Tank!

12.22.10 8 years ago


OK, we’re calm now. But…Russian laser tank! Almost as awesome as a corgi-piloted laser tank!

Sadly, this was not designed to blast jets out of the air, as that would have exceeded all the awesomeness allotted to the Russian military for an entire decade. Instead it was designed to be a dazzling weapon, which creates an image of a gold plated AK-47 (like this one), but is actually designed to blind and confuse enemy soldiers and pilots.

This tank, the 1K17, used 66-pound synthetic ruby rods to provide the Russians with fabulous blasting power. Sadly, it was never mass produced as the Soviet Union collapsed and a newly free Russia decided it liked food better. But, hey, at least we have one! We bet you could drive it through St. Petersburg if you slipped the right people a bribe!

[ via the Russian Laser Tank operators at Wired ]

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