Russian Police Busted An Adultery Fetish Brothel Staffed Entirely By Married Women


Russian authorities have shut down what was said to be a “high end” brothel catering to clientele who get off on sleeping with another man’s wife, and were willing to pay a premium for the privilege. While a normal prostitute in Russia might run you the equivalent of £40 an hour, these married prostitutes pulled in a whopping six times that — £250 an hour!

Police arrested 11 women who were working out of a seven room apartment, although the ringleader managed to escape and is currently being tracked down. The Daily Mail reports:

Police spokeswoman Margarita Maslova said: ‘A seven room apartment had been turned into an exclusive brothel where prostitutes were allowed to work only if they brought a marriage certificate confirming they were somebody else’s wife.

The women caught will now face just a £20 fine from police but may have a little more explaining to do when they get home to their husbands.

That’s got to be one awkward conversation. “So honey, remember that new watch I bought for you that you love so much? You really like it? Yes? Well, full disclosure … *cough* … I had to bang a whole lot of dudes to buy it. Yeah, like a whole, whole lot of dudes. But hey! At least you got a new watch out of the deal, so it’s not so b– wait why are you crying?”