Because It’s Baby Goose’s Birthday: Ryan Gosling’s Most Internet-Baitable Moments

I’ve put together a few of these internet bait-able moments now, and I can safely say that this is the most “something for the ladies”-ish one to date. In case your calendar isn’t marked for Canadian national holidays or you haven’t visited Tumblr this morning, today is (the affectionately nicknamed) Baby Goose’s 32nd birthday. And since the internet’s favorite guy-who-could-never-possibly-live-up-to-expectations-but-somehow-always-does has racked up the most unintentional interaction with the internet of any celebrity probably ever it feels like the ideal time to take a step back and review.
I mean, just look at the above photo one more time. He’s feeding a baby on set while in full costume and makeup. It’s not even his baby! It’s just some baby! As far as I’m concerned this image is everything you need to know about Dee Reynold’s almost co-star, so that’s how we’ll kick things off. Now on to the rest…
The clip of a pre-teen yet already suave and lady-killing Gosling unsurfaced and went viral just a few short weeks ago. Denim never had it so good.
Back in ’09 — while researching for Blue ValentineBaby Goose tagged along with a moving crew for a day and became a guy who moves furniture for a living. This photo also happened.
A canvas-smashing brawl in a Manhattan intersection was narrowly avoided a little over a year ago when Canada’s #1 superhero (suck it, Wolverine) swooped in in a tank top and modified capri pants and reminded everyone violence is only cool if you’re stomping a dude’s head into play doh in an elevator.

If I’m picking favorites and not ranking by importance (internet: serious business) this video of a young Gosling singing and dancing to “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “Everybody Dance Now” in his best early ’90s attire and causing the rest of the Mormon talent show to withdraw in fear would get top billing. Some hero uncovered it and sent it on a path to web stardom just a few short months ago and we can never thank that person enough.

Was last year’s controversy surrounding People’s selection of Bradley Cooper for “Sexiest Man Alive” Buzzfeed-manufactured? Yes. Did that stop WAY too many people from getting behind the cause? No. Behold the power of Baby Goose.
Back in April, a simple good deed became a Twitter phenomenon and a jumping off point for countless think pieces on celebrity and feminism thanks to the man behind the chivalry. Classic Gosling.
This could have been nothing but a retrospective on all things “Hey Girl” on the internet but that’s kind of pointless and it would have lacked denim shirt/Hammer pants commentary. As I’m sure you’re all familiar “Hey girl” is the internet and the internet is “Hey girl.” They are one in the same. It’s also mostly responsible for the infallable personality we’ve all participated in creating, whether via swoonage or irony. This one pretty accurately sums up why your girlfriend murder you in your sleep for a shot at Baby G.