Ryan Murphy Adds Lena Dunham To ‘American Horror Story’ And Fans Were Not Enthused By The News

07.20.17 7 months ago 8 Comments


Ryan Murphy is doing a good job at building up anticipation for the new season of American Horror Story at the moment, even if it’s the latest piece of media to take inspiration from the 2016 election. The title for the show is set to be released on Thursday, but Murphy keeps sharing other little tidbits every day to stoke interests and likely have a little fun. The issue lies with his latest tease and reported addition to the cast:

If you’re including Lena Dunham on your project, you’re prepared for the divisive opinions it will breed. Coming off the series finale of Girls and a confusing situation with her former dog and the shelter she adopted it from, Dunham is a divisive figure. She’s likely earned a little derision with her persona over the years, but it is definitely overblown in most cases. This is probably one of those times judging from the responses Murphy got on his announcement on Twitter.

It’s perfectly fine to have an opinion on a casting choice and you can criticize Dunham for things she has done and said in the past, but some seem to elevate their response to a level that you’d expect if the world was ending. Most people were just shocked by the announcement and questioning why:

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