Ryan Reynolds Shares His Essential Delivery Room Advice For New Dads

Are you on the cusp of becoming a new dad? If so, congratulations! Also, popular cinema hunk Ryan Reynolds would like to have a word with you.

The Deadpool star is dishing out advice about fatherhood in a zippy 65 second video for Gentlemen’s Quarterly. The sensibly titled “Ryan Reynolds’ Guide To Doing Your Part At Your Child’s Birth” provides soon-to-be dads with the valuable labor day tips that only someone from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place can provide. (TAKE THAT, JO FROST!) Reynolds’ realm of expertise includes everything from where to be during the delivery to using the appropriate attitude for the situation.

Here’s a sample piece of advice for would-be shutterbugs:

“I think you have to be judicious with the photographs you take,” offers the actor. “Because, you know, a photo of your daughter crowning hanging on the refrigerator, that’s not going to help anyone.”

No crowning photos, eh? We’re willing to listen to the father of two on that helpful tidbit. We have this helpful parenting aid nestled above for your educational needs. Please come back to it the next time you’re thinking about interrupting the delivery or if you just want to pretend Ryan Reynolds is your dad.

(Via GQ)