This German Grocery Store Commercial Will Make You Cry In The Most WTF Way

Commercials that make you cry are a hallmark of the holiday season, but this ad for the German grocery store EDEKA takes it to the next level. When a lonely German grandpa gets some voicemails from his jerk family that they won’t be coming home for Christmas, we get to suffer through watching him sadly eat his sad dinner on sad Christmas all alone. In the following scene, we see a variety of people getting terrible news, and we find out that Sad Grandpa is dead. Yep. You selfish assholes couldn’t spare a few days of your vacation with a lonely old man, so his blood is on your hands.

As his weeping family gathers to mourn their loss and celebrate his life, who should come sauntering out of the kitchen but Sad Grandpa. He faked his own death to bring his family back together! What a lark! After clearing up the details of his not quite death and settling down for a nice family meal, everyone seems pretty damn chill about Sad Grandpa faking his death and causing what was sure to be some deep sadness and guilt. “Haha! You old kook! Pass me some of that turkey!”

With a simple message of “Time To Come Home,” EDEKA is sure to be the cause of many frantic phone calls to parents everywhere. So, if you learn anything this holiday season, maybe accept that family time is a better option than forcing your loved ones to fake their deaths.

(Via For The Win)