The ‘Sad Papaw’ Cookout Turned Out To Be A Party You’ll Regret Missing

News Editor
03.27.16 2 Comments

The past few weeks have seen a whirlwind of fame for Kenneth Harmon after the internet crowned him as “Sad Papaw.” One tiny tweet sparked a deluge of responses when his granddaughter, Kelsey, intended only to make her cousins feel guilty. For the internet, the sight of Harmon sadly eating a hamburger was too much. Harmon saw an opportunity to make the public feel better while also enjoying his burgers and maybe making a little coin too. He did so for his lovelies’ college funds even though they may not have deserved as much after ditching poor Papaw. Yes, the snubbing was all a misunderstanding, but still. I want to believe that Papaw is cool enough that he sends out psychic vibes whenever a gathering is about to happen.

Anyway, errant grandson Brock helped Kenneth organize a big banger at the family flea market booth. They invited the whole internet to show up in the Middle of Nowhere (Purcell, Oklahoma), and although many people said they would attend, prospects did not look good for interstate travel. Yet somehow, hundreds of people attended the Papaw shindig. They purchased “I Had A Burger With Papaw” shirts and posed with the man himself, who delivered a special message to KWTV: “If you’ve got your grandparents, go see them. Take them to dinner. Go hang out. Realize they’re not going to be around forever.” And the tears shall begin afresh.

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