This Little Girl Has Years Of Therapy Ahead Of Her Over What She Saw At The Safari Park

Safari parks are a great way for visitors to observe animals in their natural habitat instead of watching them in sad cages at zoos. But much like The Real World, safari parks are also what happens when animals stop being polite… and start getting real. And also much like The Real World, sometimes this involves full-on penetration, as the little girl in this video gets a surprise advanced course in the birds and the bees when two monkeys start going at it on the hood of her parents’ car.

The girl’s parents are of little help, taunting her by saying, “What’s that in front of you? Is that a monkey willy?” Because if nothing else, leave it to your parents to find pure, unbridled humor in an incident that will very likely scar you to your core for the rest of your life.

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