Meet The Ten-Year-Old Comedian Whose Stand-Up Is Slaying Audiences All Over The Internet

Have you heard of Saffron Herndon? If not, you’re about to. That’s because the pint-size comedian (who’s just 10) has been exploding all over the internet today, taking her stand-up to a global audience. But is she funny? You decide.

According to The Huffington Post, Herndon writes all her own material, and while her timing’s not the greatest (that comes with time, says the dude who does stand-up at laundromats sometimes), you’ve got to respect a kid who can write jokes about high-fructose corn syrup and The Foo Fighters. (Her joke about Kurt Cobain is actually hilariously dark, to be honest.)

What do you think? Is this kid writing her own material or are you a Saffron truther? And how soon before we see this kid performing with Amy Schumer? One week? Two? A month, tops, right?

(Via The Huffington Post)