Salma Hayek And Susan Sarandon Know Just What They’re Doing With This Spicy Instagram Comparison

At 48, Salma Hayek is not shying away from showing off her figure. But judging from the playful Instagram photo above, she might have a little competition with 69-year-old Susan Sarandon. The photo comes from some of Hayek’s fun at the Cannes Film Festival and it would seem both are having a lot of fun with the attention their looks have been getting in recent months.

Of course Sarandon has had to deal with criticism on her cleavage thanks to Piers Morgan, with plenty of success making the former CNN host look foolish. Hayek on the other hand stripped down last summer for a photoshoot and hasn’t seemed to age much since hitting the scene back in the early 90s. This means only one thing — our favorite Hollywood starlets have returned to bathing in the blood of children.

I know that sounds cruel, but it’s the only answer when time has stopped moving for these ladies and their looks are still superb. It’s better than whatever it is that Jackie Stallone decided to do. You can check out some more of Salma Hayek’s Cannes’ adventures below and follow the rest on her Instagram page. Just not too much, you animals.

(Via Salma Hayek / Bro Bible)