Salma Hayek Details The Time Donald Trump Tried To Get Her To Cheat On Her Boyfriend With Him

Salma Hayek has told her fair share of embarrassing Trump stories, including how he referred to 9/11 as “7-11.” However, what she revealed on The Daily Show may leave a lasting mark, and host Trevor Noah may still be giggling. In a nutshell, Hayek details Trump’s attempts to get her to step out on an old boyfriend, which adds some extra skeeviness to a story that Hayek revealed last year. We’ll recap that anecdote momentarily, but here’s what she told Noah, who wanted to know how Trump requests a date:

“I was at an event with my boyfriend … [he was] so charming, so nice, super nice … he kept talking to my boyfriend, and then he befriended my boyfriend, invited him to dinner … and then he was like, ‘If you guys are in New York, you can come to Atlantic City, you can stay in my hotel. Give me your numbers … never talked to my boyfriend again. Now, he’s calling, he’s inviting me out.”

Salma related how she reminded Trump about her boyfriend, but the real estate mogul wasn’t deterred. He continued to push:

“He’s not good enough for you. Not important, he’s not big enough for you. You have to go out with me.”

In October of last year, Hayek also discussed Trump’s advances (to pull his admitted routine of “moving on her like a b*tch”) on her while she was dating this same boyfriend. She told Trump that she wouldn’t be interested even if she was single, and he retaliated by planting a fake tabloid story (that she was “too short” to date) about her. And then he called her up and feigned outrage while trying to persuade her that they should date because “I don’t want people to think this about you.”

The smooth move did not work, and it only ensured that Hayek would one day spill the details to the press. Not only that, but Hayek eventually dated and married Francois Pinault, a real billionaire with a net worth that completely eclipses that of Trump. Sad!

Full Daily Show interview below:

(Via Comedy Central)