Goof City: Late Game Turnover Leads Spurs Over Clippers 103-100

Any basketball fan will tell you inbound plays can lead to wildest finishes. The theory was proven true last night when Chris Paul’s turnover gave the Spurs a golden opportunity to extend the game. Paul, in an errant attempt to avoid a back court violation, unwittingly flung the ball right into Gary Neal’s hands at the top of the key. Then the Spurs’ guard stepped back and hit the game tying three as cool as ever. The big-time blunder eventually forced overtime where San Antonio beat the Clippers 103-100 and extended their winning streak to 10 games.

Now let’s play the blame game. Paul ultimately made the key mistake but, by the way he ran for the inbound, he clearly wanted the ball in the back court to create space and burn the clock. So do fingers get pointed at Ryan Gomes for inbouding the ball too soon? Have at it basketball geeks. Just know Robert Horry probably started cheesing hard when he saw the chaos unfold.