Your Guide To Sara Jean Underwood's Rise To Internet Power By Her 30th Birthday

Today is Sara Jean Underwood’s 30th birthday, which means you can probably expect to see posts with titles like “30 Sara Jean Underwood Butt GIFs” in your Facebook feed at some point in the next twenty-four hours. (Go ahead and click ’em, this is judgement-free waters you’re in.) But just how did Sara Jean Underwood rise to internet power though? The easy answer is “boobs” and while that’s not entirely incorrect, there’s a bit more to the story.

In celebration of SJU’s 30th here is the nearly 100% factual timeline of her claim to internet fame — with some Twitter imagery for good measure. It all started with Playboy, but first…

Sara worked as a waitress at the Beaverton Hooters in her home state of Oregon while attending college at OSU and later Portland State University. (I couldn’t find any photos of her in the Hooters uniform so this photo will suffice.)

An appearance in Playboy’s Girls Of The Pac-10 became SJU’s first cameo in the mag in 2005, with a surprising spot on the magazine’s cover (NSFW-ish cover here).

“They were having the girls of PAC-10 try outs and I went over on a whim. I was just in school studying and never really thought I had what it takes to be in Playboy, much less Playmate of the ear. I ended up getting picked to be on the cover. Then I got chosen as playmate of the month in July 2006.” Via Studybreaks

The issue was such a hit that Sara later became “Playmate Of The Year” in 2007 and appeared in several episodes of the E! show, The Girls Next Door. You remember that show, right? The one where Hugh Hefner shuffled around in his pajamas while his girlfriends contemplated over what bikini top to wear that day.

As silly as that show was, it opened up TV and movie appearances for SJU like a cameo as herself in 2008’s The House Bunny, and her most legit gig to date, G4’s Attack Of The Show.

The Attack job started as just a substitute hosting stint for the show’s regular co-host Olivia Munn in 2009, but later morphed into full-time anchor of “The Feed” when Munn permanently departed in 2010. I’ll always have a soft spot for Munn, but SJU and her team of slave Leias are welcome to wash my car anytime they please.

There was also that Carl’s Jr. commercial she did with Emily Ratajkowski from last year. I’m pretty sure that thing moved a few burgers.

Where SJU really commands internet power though is her social media presence. The woman has massive Facebook and Twitter fan bases with almost half a million fans on each. Paired with her Instagram, Sara is able to promote her numerous Comic-Con appearances and help spread the word on superheros like Bustice.

See, it really all comes back to one thing…

Oh, and here are some of those tweets I promised.