This Model Will Tell You About The Incredible Art Form Of ‘Boob Twerking’

The last time we checked in on Sara X, she released a cheery holiday video where she twerked to “Jingle Bells” with her boobs. She has since starred in more videos, including a tutorial on how to hold a coke with one’s boobs. This newest NSFW installment, “Boob Twerking: The Untold Story,” is mainly incredible because it plays like a parody, which (of course) it is. Playboy produced this video to showcase Sara’s talents, which — much like her tattoos — are unique, but blend right in to the new-style, online Playboy oeuvre. That is to say, there’s plenty of skin, but no full-on nudity, and the cheeky Playboy sense of humor is still intact. Perhaps all hope is not lost, and Playboy won’t simply be a series of articles that guys read while people think they’re only looking at cheesecake photos.

At any rate, Sara X is actually quite serious about her art form. She’s not only a butt-twerker, but she can move her (admittedly) fake boobs at will. Her pectoral muscles are quite talented, but Sarah has suffered for her art. She received death threats last year after twerking her boobs to Mozart. In the latest video, Sara calmly explains how difficult it is to continue to come up with fresh routines. She finally figures out how to “move to the next level.” All of this is very comedic, but Sara is deadpan-laughing inside as she discusses genre experimentation. The vid features commentary by an “art historian,” and her choreographer? That guy makes the video.