Sarah Gadon Joins 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Franchise, But Is She Mary Jane Watson?

After Sony announced two more The Amazing Spider-Man sequels, director Marc Webb also pushed the introduction of the Mary Jane Watson character to the third movie. Unfortunately, this meant cutting Shailene Woodley out and recasting the Mary Jane Watson role later. Marc Webb said he had “made a creative decision to streamline the story”. In other words, if he recast Mary Jane a day after saying he was streamlining the story, it would be a real Scumbag Steve move. Wait, what’s this?

Movieweb reported yesterday that Sarah Gadon had already been cast as Woodley’s replacement. Shortly afterward, Entertainment Tonight Canada tweeted, “Huge news for @sarahgadon – she just confirmed to us that she is joining The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.”

It should be noted ET only says she’s in the franchise, not who’s she’s playing. Jeff Sneider of The Wrap is among those saying she’s not playing Mary Jane.

Sarah Gadon is the Canadian actor who played Michael Fassbender’s wife in A Dangerous Method among many other things. Whatever character she’s playing, you can count on us to eventually make a joke involving a moose in a Tim Hortons.

We sincerely hope Shailene Woodley wasn’t replaced due to complaints from douchey internet commenters claiming she’s “not hot enough” to be the girlfriend of a perpetually-broke freelance photographer who flakes out and gives weird excuses for why he keeps disappearing. Has anyone done a mashup of one of the Spider-Man movies and Intervention yet? That seems apt.

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