Sarah Palin To ‘Hollywood Leftists’: You’re Not Fit To Shine The American Sniper’s Combat Boots

Sarah Palin Attends Tea Party "Restoring America" Rally In Iowa
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In the wake of the movie’s release and somewhat surprising Oscar nominations, everyone has been weighing in with their thoughts and opinions on American Sniper and Chris Kyle. And if people are saying things, you know Sarah Palin, our favorite human YouTube comment, will be running after them, guns in the air and moose carcass at her feet, ready to say things, too.

Palin is largely referring to “leftists” like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen. Actually, for her, she exercised a lot of restraint. We were all counting on her to make the predictable fat joke like the rest of Twitter. We can also all thank her for the mental image of Michael Moore and Seth Rogen tandemly caressing vaguely phallic trophies. Thanks a lot, Palin.