Watch Sarah Silverman Smoke Pot And Make A Veggie Pot Pie On ‘My Drunk Kitchen’

Normally when guests come onto Hannah Hart’s cooking show/comedy series Drunk Kitchen, they test their chef skills (and livers) by first boozing up and then proceeding to cook something edible on camera. That was not the case with Sarah Silverman.

The comedian served as Hart’s celeb sous chef as the two tackled a recipe for veggie pot pie, which was fitting considering they were high as hell for the entire webisode.

It’s no secret Silverman loves some Mary Jane (although we did find out that she’s an Indica girl during the show) but now we know why: she hates wine. According to Silverman it tastes like “mayonnaise ear wax” and she prefers something a bit more relaxing. Pot apparently also helps with muscle memory which is why Silverman likes to take a hit before playing basketball, and it makes you realize the importance of flossing everyday because “death creeps in through the gums.”

What this video really proves though is how pot (unlike alcohol which makes you a drunken sweaty mess most of the time) is actually the best ingredient to cook with.