Sarah Silverman Spoke From The Heart About The Gender Wage Gap: ‘We Get What We Think We Deserve’

Sarah Silverman collaborated with the Levo League on this video for their #AskForMore campaign, in advance of Equal Pay Day which falls on April 14 this year. In a rare candid glimpse, Silverman recalls an anecdote about how, in the early days of her stand-up career, she and fellow comedian Todd Barry were performing identical, back-to-back 15-minute spots at a comedy club in New York. She later found out after getting paid that while Barry had made $60, the comedy club owner had only given her $10. “You know, it’s pretty sh*tty,” she says.

She later says, “We don’t get what we want. We get what we think we deserve. And I think, as women, as a whole, if we can understand what we deserve… we deserve quality lives, with equality, maybe control over our own human bodies without the government getting involved, to do whatever we get great at and do; it has to come from inside. And understanding that you deserve it and work to deserve it.”

Well said. This isn’t the first time Silverman has participated in equal wage activism. Last year, she worked on an equal wage video with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph using cute, animated ponies. One way or another, hopefully the point will come across eventually.

(Via Splitsider)