This Amazing Exchange Between Sarah Silverman And A Would-Be Twitter Troll Will Warm Your Heart

While promoting her fantastic stand-up comedy special A Speck of Dust in May, Sarah Silverman told Uproxx, “Having a screaming competition… never changes minds. So we need to try and understand each other.” She echoed this sentiment five months later ahead of the premiere of her new talk show, I Love You, America. “People aren’t changed by facts, they’re changed by emotions. We’re changed by our feelings,” she stressed, “and we’re changed by exposure.” All of this may seem like a consistent public relations message, but those following Silverman’s show and Twitter feed already know its so much more.

Consider the 47-year-old comedian’s recent exchange with a Twitter user named Jeremy, who called Silverman the c-word when she said she was “open” to understanding Donald Trump’s supporters. Instead of immediately muting or blocking the would-be troll to prevent further abuse, Silverman instead skimmed through the San Antonio, Texas resident’s Twitter feed and responded with a kind message of acceptance. “I believe in you,” she wrote while acknowledging his previous, unrelated messages about back pain and drug use. “I know this feeling… I see it in you.”

What followed was a beautiful exchange that, along with everything else good that happened this past year, just might help salvage what’s left of 2017 from the garbage fires.

Others who noticed Jeremy’s interactions with Silverman took notice and commended them both.

The comedian, meanwhile, put her money where her mouth is and began drumming up local support for Jeremy in San Antonio.

Maybe 2018 won’t be utter crap after all.