'Star Wars' PSA: The Empire Urges You To Not Celebrate May The Fourth

“Every year on May the Fourth, citizens gather in celebration of Jedi, Rebels, and the power of The Force. They wear costumes, have parties, and share greetings and pictures on their social networks. They say it’s fun, but what aren’t they telling you about May the Fourth?” So begins an attack ad uploaded by the official Star Wars YouTube account.

The ad is written from the point of view of the Galactic Empire, who want us to know the ugly truth about the Rebel Alliance and this seemingly harmless May the Fourth holiday. Whatever, Empire, you haven’t even addressed whether or not the Death Star was an inside job. And you sit there and decry the Jedi’s use of “mind control”? Looks like disinformation to us. False flag! False flag!

Sidenote: We’ll be celebrating May the Fourth a day early here. Check back tomorrow for our coverage.

(H/T: SayOMG and Know Your Meme)