Your Guide To The Comic Books You Should Be Reading On Halloween

10.31.15 2 years ago 2 Comments
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Dark Horse

This time of year, our minds trend to all things horror. Horror movies, horror novels, horror TV shows… so why not horror comics? The horror genre has a long and rich history in comics, and here’s a brief sampling of the best the medium has to offer, sorted by the type of horror you might enjoy.

For The Horror/Comedy Fan: The Goon


Dark Horse

In an unnamed, vaguely Depression-era city, The Goon and Franky run a mob business. They’re main competition: The Zombie Priest, a man who raises undead gangsters, swamp monsters, and God knows what else to fight the Goon, who usually responds by shooting and/or punching his adversaries until they cry. Eric Powell’s long-running mashup of horror and noir runs the gamut from light-hearted comedy to star-crossed romance to bleak horror, all of it supported by Powell’s consistently lush artwork. Powell has the ability to make readers laugh then hook them right in the gut with unexpected turns.

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