First Look At Scarlett Johansson As An Alien

The set photos from Under the Skin are after the jump since they could be considered a spoiler. We’ll have to make due with this banner picture instead. In the film, directed by Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth), Johansson plays an alien disguised as a human to hunt muscular men. Glazer co-wrote the script adaptation with Walter Campbell, and The Playlist offers a synopsis:

An adaptation of Michael Faber‘s novel, the intriguing premise tells the story of Isserley, an alien on earth disguised as an attractive woman (ScarJo) who uses her voracious sexuality to scour remote highways and desolate scenery to snare human prey. There is a lot more to the premise which we won’t ruin here, but needless to say it builds to a dark ending, with political and environmental themes peppered throughout. The material gives plenty of room for Glazer to employ his keen visual eye and sense of pace and tone and we’re pretty thrilled to see what he does here with source material that upends expectations of a sexual thriller. [The Playlist]

Scarlett Johansson as a hot alien who kills men? Does she at least bang them first like in Species? Because I know some guys who would sign up for that.  She wouldn’t have to hunt them or anything.  They’ll drive to the abandoned warehouse of her choosing.

The candid set photos taken in Glasgow, Scotland are below. If you’re wondering why she’s wearing an awful wig and terrible clothes, it’s because the character in the book looked like that (and also had a bunch of scars and thick eyeglasses, rawr sexy).

More pictures available at ICYDK (warning: site autoplays audio).