Scenes From The ATLcalypse: Twitter Reacts To The Atlanta Snowstorm

01.29.14 5 years ago 18 Comments

So as you’ve undoubtedly heard or seen live in person from your gazebo while sipping some lemonade, the Southern States are experiencing a bit of a snowstorm, with Atlanta being particularly hard hit, at least by Southern standards.

Naturally, Twitter has exploded with snark and genuine concern. Let’s take a look at the hashtag #atlsnow to see how some people are coping with the 4 inches of snow, or as they call it where I’m from “The amount of snow that falls in roughly an hour during September”.

That traffic jam does look dreadful, but then again all traffic jams are terrible.

That’s a fair point. The Mayor of Atlanta has caught quite a lot of flack for not alerting people earlier and closing schools. He will probably not want to visit Gladys Knight’s Signature Chicken and Waffles anytime soon.

One of the worst parts of this storm is how schools have been shut down, with students forced to sleep over.  The dad in me gets serious chest pains seeing stories like this. This part of the storm is terrible.

Annnnnnnd my sympathy is gone. It’s snow people. There are refugees in the Sudan right now whose entire cities have been devastated. You are “inconvenienced”, you don’t need prayer and your world hasn’t ended.

It didn’t take long for The Walking Dead comparisons to start:


Again, we’re talking about 4 inches of snow.

But of course, all those over-reactions shouldn’t take away from the fact that some people are actually having a really hard time, via AJC News:

This was, hands down, the worst day of my life,” Evan McLean of Canton said around 9 p.m. McLean got on I-285 near Perimeter Mall shortly after noon. He thought it was early enough to miss the traffic jam. He was wrong. McLean said he thought he’d try back roads and get off the interstate. Again, not a great idea. “I was literally stranded on Canton Road for two and a half hours without moving an inch.

Both Alicia Jones and her 2-year-old daughter were in tears late Tuesday while trying to reach their south Fulton County home off Langford Parkway. “We’ve been on the same road for seven hours,” Jones said around 9:30 p.m. “People are stalling, no one has gas, trucks are jack-knifed.” Jones, who is eight months pregnant, said she felt contractions and was trying to stay calm.

These two stories kind of summarize the Atlanta snowstorm – one person is in a  life-or-death situation, the other is having the worst day of their life because they’re in a car for two hours – Oh the humanity!

All jokes aside, stay safe ATLiens and please stay off the highways.

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