SCIENCE: Eating Popcorn & Candy At The Movies Makes You Immune To Advertising

10.14.13 3 Comments

This, from the Guardian, is interesting:

Eating popcorn in the cinema may be irritating not just for fellow movie goers, but for advertisers: a group of researchers from Cologne University has concluded that chewing makes us immune to film advertising.

The reason why adverts manage to imprint brand names on our brains is that our lips and the tongue automatically simulate the pronunciation of a new name when we first hear it. Every time we re-encounter the name, our mouth subconsciously practises its pronunciation.

However, according to the study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, this “inner speech” can be disturbed by chewing, rendering the repetition effect redundant.

Because I’m a cynical a-hole I’m absolutely convinced that this Cologne University research was funded by some movie concession stand lobbying firm. Surely such a thing exists, right?

(The Guardian via Digg)

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