Scientists and GammaSquad Writers Agree — Gamer Brains Aren’t Normal

11.16.11 8 years ago

Another study has just come out proving gamers’ brains don’t function in quite the same way as non-gamer brains. This latest study has found the more you play games, the more built up the parts of your brain linked to reward become. In other words, the more you play video games, the better playing video games feels. Turns out there’s a reason most people who start gaming never really stop. This sh-t’s addictive.

I’m not exactly shocked by the news that gaming can change your brain structure. I’ve been studying this exact phenomenon for some time, but because I’m not technically a “doctor” none of the medical journals will publish my findings. I have a BA in Political Science! That ought to be enough! Well, anyways, the scientific community can’t stop me from posting my findings here on GammaSquad, so hit the jump to check out what a gamer’s brain really looks like.

To the Nobel Prize Committee — call me.

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