Scientists Finally Create a Big Enough Memory Card

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Nanotechnology is officially our friend, now that they’ve discovered a way to store all of the, well, you know, the…um…all the “documentaries” that the Internet exists to distribute!  Yeah, “documentaries”!  The next time your girlfriend finds it, try using that one.

Anyway, the future of storage, just like the future of all technology, lies with nanoparticles, specifically the nanodot.  By itself, the nanodot isn’t that impressive; it can hold exactly one bit of information.  But since it’s a millionth of an inch, a square less than half an inch on a side can contain enough information to waste that impressive new solid-state drive you paid a thousand bucks for, to the tune of 512 GB on a tiny little chip.  All they have to do now is come up with a laser reading system to actually get the information off the dots as well as giving you the ability to edit your documents, and the scientist in charge is so confident of this, he says we’ll see it on the market in five years.  We can’t wait, all these hard drives with our “documentaries” are taking up way too much space.

[via Thinq ]

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