Meet The Polish Man Who Used A ‘Free Sex’ Sign To Attract Job Offers

Looking for work can be tough, especially when you’re in a new town where you don’t really know anyone. No friends, no connections — nothing. You probably shouldn’t make such a drastic move without at least a basic support system in place, but Martin Bergchauzen didn’t have much of a choice.

According to the Evening Express, Bergchauzen moved to Aberdeen, Scotland from Warsaw a month ago. His reason? To find work that pays better. But with a month of no prospects, the Polish native decided to take drastic measures:

The sign read: “FREE SEX. No, I’m kidding. Looking for a JOB. I’ll take any JOB. Talk to me or call me.”

Passers-by stopped for photos and to chat to him.

Martin told the Evening Express: “I’m not offering free sex – it is just a joke.

“I wanted to say ‘free sex’ because it is a word everyone looks at.

“Your eye is immediately drawn to that word and it worked because people stopped to look at the sign and take pictures.

“It was a marketing tool.

“Everyone found it funny, they were very friendly and said they would share their pictures on Facebook to help me get a job.

“The people have been so nice and were wishing me good luck.”

In terms of getting Bergchauzen some much-needed attention in town, it worked. The story has since gone viral because, you know, free sex. But it’s all a joke, as providing those kinds of free “jobs” isn’t what the clever man set out to do. Sounds like he and Oscar-winning director Pawel Pawlikowski should meet.

(Via Evening Express)