Scott Disick Can’t Even Plug A Product On Instagram Without Screwing It Up

It’s probably the worst-kept secret in Hollywood that celebrities are paid for the products they endorse on social media, and no “celebrities” are more guilty of this than the Kardashians (and Kardashian adjacent). It’s literally got to be the easiest job in the world. The PR person sends them a sample of what they want promoted and then their job is to just post a picture with said product (regardless of whether they believe in it), including the meticulously crafted marketing messaging provided for them. Boom, watch the checks roll in.

And then there’s Scott Disick. Disick, or “letthelordbewithyou” as he nauseatingly goes by on Instagram, had that simple job earlier this week. All he needed to do was promote “Boo Tea Shake” protein something or other by copying and pasting the snippet of marketing copy he was provided.

And this is what happened, thanks to ‏@frankiegreek who captured the post for posterity before it got yanked down:

The tweet quickly went viral and Disick was justifiably ridiculed on Twitter:

Depressingly, this isn’t even the first time it’s happened.

Dear marketing companies: STOP GIVING THE KARDASHIANS YOUR MONEY. I will gladly promote your products for a fraction of what they charge, because if people can’t trust an obviously very important blogger, then who can they trust?

(Via BroBible)