Screaming Deer Are About To Give Screaming Goats A Run For Their Money

Screaming goats have been used in every way possible on the Interwebs up to this point. Their glorious shrieks have been placed in everything from the theme to Jurassic Park, all the way to our National Anthem. But, there appears to be a new animal voice that may be even more wonderfully hideous. Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you the screaming deer.

In a video posted to YouTube, a small deer walks up to the person recording and starts to let out an odd moan, kinda like the sound of an old door closing. This is strange enough, but only an appetizer for what’s next. Within seconds, the tiny woodland creature seems to summon the spirit of Cthulhu, as it lets out a blood-curdling wail. The sound of the scream is absurdly loud, almost like a 747 taking off.

The goats may be cuter, but the deer have them beat in terms of decibel level.

(Via Reddit)