Screw You Dragons, ‘Skyrim’ Has Godzilla Now

There have been plenty of Godzilla games, but few, if any, that depicted the big green guy’s rampages from a ground level, human perspective. Well, now you can be a human dodging Godzilla’s big stompy feet in…Skyrim?

Yup, modder Quechus13 has inserted Godzilla, Mechagodzilla and Rodan into Skyrim, and the effect is actually pretty impressive. Godzilla’s model is a little chunky and goofy, but hey, real Godzilla is supposed to be chunky and goofy. Check it out below…

Take notes Bethesda — if you want me to invest another 200 hours in one of your games, I want a Godzilla fight to be waiting for me at the end.

Via Kotaku