Scumbag Steve Is On Tumblr, Thankfully

An admission: I’ve become sort of fascinated with Scumbag Steve. I know, I know. But ever since Josh enlightened us on his efforts to turn his 15 minutes of meme fame into a rap career, I simply can’t get enough of him — I suppose because I find it fascinating that he’d go so far as to resurrect the hat he was wearing in the infamous pic that was taken years ago in an effort to fully embrace a “scumbag persona.”

So, needless to say, I was disturbingly delighted to run across his newly minted Tumblr the other day, the bio for which is a little slice of unintentional comedy gold.

Hey I’m Blake Boston aka Scumbag Steve. The meme, What ever the fuck that is. Ya, it’s really me. Im down with the meme. Like I had a choice? I go to school full time and work full time. Ask me what you want. Tell me whatever you want. The internet made scumbag Steve with a pic that my Mother took during a photo class she was taking yrs ago. I was 15/16 im now 21. Im a father, which to me is the greatest honor on earth. Family first. I don’t judge. Im a liberal. I believe in free speech until it hurts and I also believe in, “live and let live”. Am I a scumbag? Maybe a little bit some times. but aren’t we all? But truthfully I have a good sense of self and I know who I am. Blake Boston A TIGHT MUTHHHAAAAA FUCKAAAAAAAAAA

So earnest. So ridiculous. So endearing?

I particularly enjoy Scumbag Steve’s interactions with his “fans” on Tumblr…

Now if only Annoying Facebook Girl would also embrace her internet fame and just go around making that rubber face all the time I can die happy.


(Pic via The Real Scumbag Steve)