Scumbag Steve Introduced Richard Dreyfuss To The Scumbag Life, Apparently

It’s no secret that I’m captivated by Scumbag Steve‘s attempt to transition from internet meme to…outside world meme? A few days ago we learned that he’s essentially the new face of Brisk tea. And apparently that triumph in scumbag-edness has led to him rubbing elbows with celebs like Jeremy Piven Richard Dreyfuss.

Yes, Scrumbag Steve posted the pic above to his Tumblr last night, providing absolutely no context, of course, which just kind of makes it all the more funny. Here’s how he captioned the image: “Scumbag Richard Dreyfus. Actually the dudes chill as f*ck”

So we’re left to wonder how it came to be that Richard Dreyfuss, apparently a chill scumbag dude, was recently hanging out with Scumbag Steve. Maybe they’re collaborating on producing a movie version of Scumbag Steve’s life? Mr. Scumbag’s Opus, perhaps? I suppose we’ll never know.