Watch A Seagull Steal Some Guy’s GoPro And Take It For A Ride

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Anyone who’s spent enough time by the water knows that seagulls will steal anything light enough to fly away with. And now, with technology advancing as it has, that includes expensive GoPro cameras. The person who uploaded this video doesn’t mention what kind of camera, but maybe it’s one of those new GoPro 4 Sessions that are the size of an ice cube, exactly the kind of thing you shouldn’t leave near klepto gulls sans some sort of harness or tether.

I will hand it to the seagull, though; it’s not a bad camera bird. It took some drone-quality flying footage and was even considerate enough to bring the GoPro back to land rather than drop it off a cliff and into the bay. Give that Good Guy Gull a french fry! Cameras have suffered worse fates at the hands of other animals; foxesmonkeys, and even lions have been known to run off with and destroy the compact filming devices.

(Via reddit)

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