Sean Hannity Suggests That He Has Dirt On Chrissy Teigen While Mocking Her Trump-Induced Anxiety

Sean Hannity really started to freak out as more of his favorite Fox News colleagues headed out the door, and some people thought he’d soon follow. However, Hannity confronted those rumors by saying he was going nowhere, and indeed, he was in top troll form on Thursday night while mocking Chrissy Teigen. After repeatedly referring to her as a “snowflake” because she criticized Trump, Hannity told Lou Dobbs that he had some dish on her, but since he’s such a gentleman, he’d try not to spill whatever he’s talking about:

“I have a story. I’m going to be very nice tonight. I met John Legend and her at a Super Bowl event. But there’s a story that I’m going to keep to myself because I’m being very nice. I’m being very nice!”

What did Teigen do to earn Hannity’s contempt? On Tuesday (prior to the GOP healthcare bill narrowly passing in the House), the outspoken model and TV host went on a rant of her own. Some might not agree with Teigen, but she was venting to a degree — as people do on social media — and also lamenting her high anxiety level, which causes her to grind her teeth. This had led to medical bills to relieve the pain, and she wants Trump to pay those charges because she blames him for her tension. Here are the relevant tweets.

Whether one agrees that Teigen’s symptoms manifest themselves as a reaction to Trump’s policies and actions is one thing, but there’s no reason not to believe that she is genuinely suffering from anxiety. And one of the last things that someone with nervousness needs is for Sean Hannity to tell people that he’s got dirt on them. This only equals more anxiety!

(Via Fox News)