Watch Sean Hannity Vape And Scratch Himself In Strangely Captivating Leaked Footage Of A Segment Break

Not since Leonardo DiCaprio vaped through the SAG Awards has the practice appeared to be so enthralling. In this leaked Fox News footage — which has been wryly tweeted by actor Harry Shearer — people can now catch a glimpse of exactly what host Sean Hannity does during segment breaks. He doesn’t have much time to spare, but the guy can multitask within 42 seconds. Hannity begins with a customary “watch this,” and then all hell breaks loose.

If you haven’t watched the clip yet, you must do so. Hannity quickly gets down to business — vaping away, guzzling water, and attending to that random itch on the back of his neck. On one hand, it’s admirable that he can make the most of his sparse on-air downtime, but it’s a little disconcerting to see him choreograph so much action into such a short amount of time. Yet this is honestly the most riveting thing he’s done in months, and it threatens to steal thunder from his brash new sidekick, Tomi Lahren.

And maybe that’s exactly what Hannity needs to do because, lately, his antics have been lukewarm. Some bickering and mild feuds keep him in the Internet headlines, but a lobster meltdown doesn’t carry nearly as much viral power as accusing Obama of doing “weed” and “blow” with a federal judge. So, Hannity’s gotta vape it up, and maybe — just maybe — he wants everyone to see this. After all, this leaked footage almost makes him relatable.

How’s that for a conspiracy theory? Here’s another one from Twitter…